Here Comes the Sun!

Finally.  Finally the weather seems to be turning with the sun cming out and bringing warmth with along with it.  It seemed like one hell of a long winter.

Today I began shadowing the Personal Training department at my internship.  It was pretty great, the trainers are all really down to earth and did a great job of forging relationships with their clients.  It was great to get back to the human aspect of things after doing paperwork/computer-work for so long.

My workout early this afternoon:

Leg Press


Twist and Pivot

Chest Press


Then I had a phone interview with 24Hour Fitness for their Assistant Fitness Manager position on the south side of Denver.  Came home and then went out for an hour long 5 mile run with the fiance who so lovingly tags along on his bike :).  Whole grain pasta, bean balls and garlic bread for dinner :).

Enjoy the nice weather!!


Today’s Thoughts

I knew today would be a longer day what with my internship and then class in the evening - thus I decided to make it an even longer day: Left the apartment at 7:30am, arrived at the Club for 8am, internship, workout from 9-10am, internship, lunch and walk to post office, internship, and workout for half an hour around 4:30, half an hour drive back up north for an hour class and then back home for 7pm, wooooo!

I must say though, I challenged myself today by trying a new group exercise class at the Club.  Since I have the education and enjoy exercising on my own I prefer to do it that way, but today I decided to switch it up and try to kick my cardio up a bit by participating in a Body Combat class.  Essentially a mix of kickboxing and boxing for a rather high intense hour.  I kept up with the class rather well and was able to pick up the majority of the combination moves right off the bat so I was proud of that.  I ended up really enjoying the class as I find kickboxing a great way to have a nice cardio (and sometimes strength) workout without having to move much from point A to point B.

It certainly pays to try new things, you want to be careful to ensure that you are switching up your workout routines about every three weeks or so, at least somewhat minimally in order to avoid a platue, increase adherence rates by keeping interest levels up, and keep your progression moving towards your goals.  Always make sure to eat enough and of healthy nutritous foods as well!!

As a New Englander and runner, my thoughts are with Boston and I will continue to run and train even harder.


Being Active is What its All About

I have not posted in quite some time.  I never posted much to begin with anyway.  I have been quite busy with my internship, work, school and now applying for and interviewing for jobs upon graduation (which is just over a month away!).

I have been keeping active which is great but I’ve had a few set backs (TMI: runner’s trots) but now that I’ve taken dairy out of my diet I think that is behind me now :).  Now, with the warmer weather I’m ready to kick my routine up a notch and hopefully be outside much more of the time.

Sunday’s are my only days off this semester so they are my catch-up day.  Thankfully though I got outside for a little bit and today I kicked butt on some hill sprints, something new to my routine :).  I’m now making a quick stirfry of red potatoes, broccolo, kidney beans and hot sauce for lunch and then working on some more hw.

Keep your chin up and get outside, its great to be active and enjoy what your body can do.


Busy Week

So my schedule for the rest of my final semester is busy with my internship at the athletic club on mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays, class on monday evening, class every other friday evening and work every other friday afternoon when not at class, work on thursday and work two jobs on saturdays.  Sunday is my new and only day off.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to be busy and have a set schedule bc it certaintly keeps me on track.  On top of everthing else it is a huge priority of mine to fit in workout time.  I’m glad my internship is at an athletic club for this reason bc it makes it easier to workout in the morning or evening on either side of my internship.  I was so thrilled this morning to finally be able to go for a run OUTSIDE since it was above 35degrees and the roads were mostly dry :).  Just goes to show that if you really make it a priority, you will find the time to be active (before work this morning in this case).

Finally, today is of course Valentine’s day.  I spent this evening afterwork with the bf at the laundromat and then at the groccery store.  We’re having something simple for dinner (veggie burgers and refried beans).  We’re just so happy to be spending time together :).


Sending a props to the pistachio superbowl commercial!!  Loved to see an ad campaign on a food that is actually good for you :).


Today’s Excursion

This morning, being the last day before the start of my final semester of college, the boyfriend and I went out to breakfast.  My usual for breakfast out is of course pancakes with chocolate chips.  Today I decided to go out on a limb and have my pancakes with walnuts instead today (wooooo!).  I was rewarded for this decision by the pleasure of eating such incredible pancakes!  I am proud of myself for making a healthy addition to my pancakes while being impressed with how well the choice turned out.  It certaintly pays to go out on a limb when trying new things :).

After our breakfast out we went up to the Kancamangus Highway starting in Lincoln.  It was a gorgeous drive with a clear sky and lots of sun.  We found a short trail in the woods to try out and were happy with a short hike in the woods for some outdoors activity despite the cold :).  We drove a little farther up to find a great scenic spot where we were able to get a few great photos of our stanced GTI.

All and all it was a great day filled with great food, outside time, and lots of love :).  Its never too late to take a day away from it all :).


Trained Bears

There is a tourist attraction up North from me called Clark’s Trading Post.  I am a vegetarian and aim to eat as many whole foods as possible and part (only part of the reason) is for humane animal treatment reasons.  While travelling up North today and going through the town an advertisement on the side of the highway for the Trained Bears at Clark’s Trading Post caught my eye.  I admit that I have not been to see the show or even been to the trading post, but my view is that things are best in their NATURAL STATE.  This of course goes for all animals and in this particular case I see it as inhumane that these gorgeous creatures are forced to perform for snooty tourists.  For events such as these I would encourage everyone to not support such unnatural occurances as we all strive to lead more fulfilled and simpler lives.


We have to let go of the idea that we will start back “Monday” or “the first of the month” or “after the Holidays” or any other turn of the calendar.


No more “I’ve already eaten poorly today so I’ll eat poorly again tonight and start back tomorrow.” 

These delusional rationalizations plague and sabotage us. We have fallen in the love with the idea, rather than the execution, of getting our habits under control.

Want to start it off right? Start right now. Flip the switch. 

This is that hardest of all the lessons. It’s nearly impossible. But if we can eke it out, it’s the only way to start.